Compulsory Purchase

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Compulsory Purchase

This is an acquisition in accordance with statutory procedures and practice, of interests in land or rights, by a public or private body empowered to do so by an Act of Parliament, and authorised so to do by an appropriate Compulsory Purchase Order. Such a process entitles the purchaser to deprive the, usually unwilling, owner or occupier of their property, upon payment of compensation, as provided for by statute. There are a number of rules and regulations governing the assessment of compensation, which not only relate to the value of the land and buildings, but also losses arising from disturbance, severance and injurious affection and in circumstances where no land is taken.A Compulsory Purchase Order is an order made by a private or public body (usually a local authority or government department), with the relevant statutory powers, which, after confirmation by the appropriate minister, gives the right to acquire specified Land, Buildings or Rights compulsorily.

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