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Fixtures and Fittings

A fixture is usually an item that has been annexed to a property to such an extent that it becomes part of it, i.e. the article cannot be removed without significant damage to the land or building. A fitting is more commonly regarded as an item that is easily removable from the land or building. Items may be defined as either landlord’s or tenant’s fixtures and fittings. Landlord’s fixtures and fittings are usually non structural/non material parts of the property which are present at the start of the tenancy; such as lightweight or demountable partitions, purpose built kitchens, individual air conditioning units and carpets.Tenant’s fixtures and fittings are things that the tenant may have added at their own cost. Normally it is recommended that the tenant has a list of these items and is able to prove that they have been added by them. It may be necessary to obtain permission to add them to the property if required to do so under the terms of the lease.

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