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Indepth Frequently Asked Questions


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On what grounds can the landlord oppose the grant of a new tenancy?

How much will it cost me to negotiate a new lease for me?

Can the landlord ask me to pay his legal costs upon the grant of a new lease?

What is an interim rent?

How do I go about renewing the lease?

Can the landlord prevent me renewing my tenancy?

What rights do I have to renew my tenancy?

My lease is ending. Can I renew it?

Can the landlord get me out before my lease is due to expire?

Can the landlord require me to leave the premises at the end of the lease?

Can I leave the premises?

Can I transfer the lease to someone else?

What are the usual Quarter Days?

How are disputes over the lease resolved?

Do I need my landlord’s permission to change the type of business activity I carry out at my premises?

What control do I have over service charges?

What items can the landlord include in service charges?

How much will it cost me to have a rent review determined?

What is the difference between taking a rent review to an arbitrator or an expert?

How much will it cost me to appoint a surveyor to negotiate a rent review?

Is there a Rent Officer service for business tenancies?

Do I have to accept the landlord’s proposals for the new rent?

How is the new rent determined?

How often can the landlord review my rent?

Is the landlord entitled to put up the rent?

What is the reasonable cost for obtaining the landlord’s consent to alterations under the lease?

Am I allowed to alter the premises?

What are the differences between an FRI lease and an IRI lease?

Who is responsible for insurance?

What is my liability for dilapidations when I vacate?

Can a landlord serve an Interim Schedule of Dilapidations part way through the lease?

Who is responsible for repairs?