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Office Move Checklist


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Moving office can be stressful! Here is everything you need to confirm and action when securing a new office space in London.

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The Checklist

A relocation can effectively be divided into 4 main areas:

Property Assessment

The first aspect involves property selection and its assessment. We may show you several properties that are potentially suitable in terms of location, cost (rent, rates, and service charge), amenity etc. However, it is also necessary to see how suitable they are for:

Your Occupation


Fit-Out Costs

Detail Planning, Design and Budget

Once a building has been short listed, the task is now to work towards a successful exchange of contracts. During this period, it is also time to finalise the detailed layout, design and budget, choose furniture, sort out lease lines/phone lines etc and prepare to appoint a contractor. The main things to deal with at this stage are as follows:

Landlord’s Licence for Alterations

Building Control Approval

Detailed Space Planning Guidance

IT and Telecoms

Common Problems

Air Conditioning

Furniture Procurement

The Fit Out

It is best to appoint a “turnkey” design and build company to carry out the work. This means that all the necessary elements of the work are being managed by one contractor.

Sometimes clients will ask the IT and cabling element of the works are carried out by their own preferred suppliers and a reasonable D&B provider should not object to this or insist on charging any onerous or extra costs to allow this to take place. In fairness to them though, they will be the “main contractor” which means that they will be responsible for Health and Safety on site and more often than not, will have to clear up and dispose of the rubbish after these external contractors have finished their work (they are notorious for not doing so). It is therefore reasonable for them to charge a management fee for this.

Elements that a competent turnkey D&B contractor will carry out are:


Building Work

Appointing a Fit-Out Contractor

The Traditional Method

The Design and Build Method

Pros and Cons

Managing the Fit Out

After Care

O&M Manual

Maintenance Contracts