Can the landlord get me out before my lease is due to expire?

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Can the landlord get me out before my lease is due to expire?

The lease is likely to contain a “forfeiture” clause giving the landlord the right to repossess the property if you fail to pay the rent within a certain period after the due date, break any of your lease obligations or become insolvent. Under certain circumstances, the landlord may repossess the premises by exercising “peaceable re-entry”. In other cases, the landlord may apply to the court for repossession. You may be entitled to challenge the landlord’s repossession by claiming “relief” from forfeiture. The law on forfeiture is extremely complex; if the landlord seeks to operate the forfeiture clause and you wish to remain in possession, you should seek professional advice. In other circumstances, where you are not in breach of your obligations, the landlord may ask you to surrender your lease if he/she wants the property back, but this is entirely up to you; you do not have to agree.

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