5 great options for lunch in Mayfair

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5 great options for lunch in Mayfair

Regardless if you are just strolling around the area of Mayfair or looking to grab some food on your lunch break, you will have plenty of options to choose from. Mayfair is very rich in restaurants and eateries, from more exotic options like sushi to salads and other all-time food favourites that can help you regain energy. In the following guide, we will go over a few of the more popular places where you can tease your sense of taste:

Nobu London Berkeley Street

If Japanese cuisine at its best is what you are after, then the empire of Nobu is where you will find the best of it. It is in Mayfair too, and it is located just outside Hyde Park. It is one of the best places to go to for any sort of fish dish. It is always popular with its lunch and dinner options. Signature dishes are yellowtail sashimi and black cod with miso. You can be in and out in under an hour, with very fond memories of the lunch in one of the best places Mayfair has to offer.

Claridge’s afternoon tea

Anyone labelling themselves as offering London’s leading afternoon tea is making a very bold claim. However, Claridge’s can declare that with absolute certainty, because they have been at it for more than 150 years. Claridge’s afternoon tea is nothing short of a true Mayfair wonder, easily able to surpass your expectations. You can sit back and enjoy the moment in the famous art-deco style foyer of a popular hotel, representing some of the finest traditions in England. It is packed with all of the extravagance, elegance and sophistication you can ever wish for.

The Mount Street Deli

A charming deli to stop at for lunch. You can treat yourself a hearty salad, soup or sandwich. Volcano Coffee Works will serve you with a nice hot drink, but you will also want to leave yourself room for dessert. The deli will tease you with a range of cakes changed on a daily basis. You can choose to eat inside and take advantage of the cosy interior, or the terrace. In the summer, when weather allows it, you can try out the deli’s summer hampers and picnics for a nice lazy day in the park.

burger and lobster

Burger & Lobster

There are only three categories of entrée you can choose from here: lobster rolls, whole lobsters and gourmet burgers. But each of them is delightfully tasty. Most popular is the whole lobster, which usually comes with the option of great sauces. You’d think with such a limited menu the place won’t be a success, but you are wrong. The owners have perfected their focus on these foods, and each of them is excellent. The perfect time to go is lunch, as it can sometimes get crowded in the evening.

Pollen Street Social

This slick and smart restaurant will instantly give you Michelin vibes. You can grab a great deal with a two-course lunch. You will find modern British and twists on dishes you think you know well. The keyword is ‘seasonality’. The dessert bar is definitely among the highlights, where you can watch the pastry chef whip up the dessert in front of you.

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