6 reasons businesses want to have a London office

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6 reasons businesses want to have a London office

If you are a business owner who is focused on growing their company, acquiring an office space in London is a smart move. Many would consider the fact that there are more than 1.1 million businesses as a deterrent, but it is nothing like that. It would be smart to think that since so many are already there, why shouldn’t you? It is a good enough reason to make the necessary steps and contact the right office search company for the job. But there are also more benefits, which we will explore further in the following guide:

There is a great choice of shared and private offices

The developments that provide both shared and private offices in London are in the thousands. There is something for everyone looking to base their business in London and all it takes is finding the right partner to search and find the right office. There are no two ways about it – all of the numbers in the capital of the UK are bigger. For every business out there this translates to short search times, a great scope of potential offices and a very short wait for occupancy.

London is rich in the skilled workforce

Regardless of the industry; London presents a great pool of talented individuals to choose from. According to official statistics, at least one in every three jobs created within the UK has started in London. The workforce in the capital is very diverse, with skills, culture and experience encompassing a broad range. There are just no two ways about it – London is the place where every business can find top talent.

It is easy to find the right office

With companies like ours, finding the right office no longer feels like an impossible and time-consuming task. Whether a company is in search of a private or shared office, we can aid them every step of the process. We will consider their budget and their needs and requirements and present many options, with great coverage of London areas.

Collaboration is top-notch

When you carefully consider where you base your office, you can find yourself part of a community of businesses that work closely to yours or are in the same industry even. This holds great potential to provide collaboration opportunities and help you expand on the possibilities. It is also a nice way to save on marketing because work comes through an easily established network.

Business advice and finance options are available

When it comes to businesses in the UK, there are some funding opportunities that business owners can take advantage of. Whether it is small business rate relief or sustainability programmes, there are certainly viable options to look into out there. By having an office in London, the very concentration of business power here means that more opportunities are unique to the capital. Local authority initiatives with their programmes can be quite lucrative. Choosing from many funds and angel investors is largely possible in London and that is a great benefit of having an office here.


One look at the London skyline might have you thinking that your business just cannot afford an office in London. However, if you are prudent about your choice, you will find offices at surprisingly affordable rates. When you consider the sheer volume of offices that London provides, you will see that even traditionally exclusive areas come at a little more than you imagined.

Having an office in London is surely a great opportunity for every business out there. Without a doubt there are plenty of options available and every company can only benefit from their decision to open an office in London.

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