6 reasons you want to base your business in Mayfair

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6 reasons you want to base your business in Mayfair

In the world of business, reputation is one of the things to always aim for. And when it comes to London areas, none come even close to the grandeur and prestige that is Mayfair. The area has squares and stately streets with embassies, A-list hotels and Michelin-star restaurants, not to mention iconic entertainment places that bring in the global rich. Among all this are all the businesses, large and small, which are reaping the benefits of this area in the heart of London.

And while Mayfair is certainly a desirable property area, it is not to say it is out of reach. After all, many businesses want to be based here and many of them succeed, because they realise the benefits and the importance of such a move. Here are a few of the important reasons why every business owner should consider basing their office in Mayfair.

Mayfair mixes Georgian beauty with modern office facilities

The thing about Mayfair is that it encapsulates the environment of the 18th century, but it doesn’t really sacrifice the utilitarian needs of a modern office. What this means is that you will most commonly find out that behind a beautiful Georgian façade is an office space that is carefully designed to meet the challenges of modern office work. The character is there with period staircases and original features, which lead to modern breakout spaces, working and common spaces, which are essential to any company.

The postal code is instantly attractive

Many London areas have only recently grown to be attractive places to base your business. But in the case of Mayfair, it has been like that from the very start. It was built to be exclusive and that is one fact everyone is aware of. So for businesses that wish to impress their clients, having the W1 postcode is definitely a good start.

office in Mayfair

The serviced offices are great

There is denying the fact that Mayfair is home to many expensive offices. However, there are also more flexible options, which offer low commitment at better price. These involve many serviced offices, which every business can now take advantage of. One typical example of what Mayfair has to offer is the serviced office spaces on Hanover Square. It is a great example of what superb service office space should look like.

Hotel options

For any business that has clients flying in, there are many hotels just around the corner. Corporate heads and other important personnel will appreciate the comfort and lux of some of London’s leading hotels, like The Dorchester or the Metropolitan. Accommodation options of the highest class are present and that is a worthy benefit of Mayfair.

Two great parks in the vicinity

Mayfair is close to two of London’s most beautiful parks – Hyde Park and Green Park. This means that lunch breaks become much more pleasant with a nice space to take a walk and recharge. Or for people who need to unwind after a tough day at work, the two parks are still a fantastic option.

Exploring the best of London after work

Mayfair has so much to offer in terms of entertainment. There options at the edges, but also at the heart, where boutique shops, pubs and restaurants will leave the visitor feeling like a bohemian. There is no doubt that the area has some premium entertainment options.

It is always important to remember that Mayfair has a lot to offer and there is every reason for businesses to have an office base there.

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