7 tips for finding an affordable office space to rent in London

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7 tips for finding an affordable office space to rent in London

If you have a startup business and you want to establish yourself on the market, you have to be ready to face the challenges that come with it. Still, you need to go into the adventure of finding a suitable office space for it, because you need it in order to help your ideas grow. You need a professional location to conduct daily tasks, organise meetings, etc.

One thing to note is that despite the increasing government financial support for small startups in London, rent and other daily costs often slow down such companies on their quest of establishing an office space of their own. If you are in the role of the startup manager looking to reduce the cost, here are some tips you will find especially helpful:

  • You may want to work from home for a while – if business allows it, working from home might be the way to go. Since you are not paying rent for the office space, you are saving big time. You can consider it a temporary solution, till you can get your finances in order for another big office.
  • Hot desks are a thing – regardless if your company is run by yourself, or just a few people, hot desking might be a thing for you. This option for renting office offers flexibility, especially considering the fact that there are shared hot desking locations in London that cater to the needs of specific businesses.
  • Shared office – this is a more permanent and affordable solution, which you can take advantage of. A shared office is one that you can rent desks and facilities in, along with other offices. This is a low cost solution, which offers many of the benefits of regular offices, such as relaxation areas and meeting rooms. Besides, working with companies of various backgrounds offers an additional benefit of networking.
Affordable Office Space to rent in London
Affordable Office Space to rent in London
  • Step up your search game – when you are on the lookout for an office space, browsing the offers on Google will present countless opportunities to find the right one. Gumtree and various community forums will provide you with plenty of options to choose from. Doing local searches will help you find inexpensive, albeit less impressive office spaces.
  • Ask others for ideas – sometimes the simple thing you can do is ask people you know about renting an office. You will be surprised to find that some businesses or people will actually have an offer for you! There is a thriving startup community in London, where people want to help others, so all it takes is some willingness to get out there and asking around.
  • Rent meeting rooms – while you are still looking for your ideal office space, you may still need to conduct meetings. Renting meeting rooms is a good solution that you should not overlook. It is possible to rent these for a range of time of your choosing. The facilities and services that these meeting rooms come with will largely determine the price, but you will usually be able to find one that fits your budget.
  • Go virtual – virtual office services are also a thing nowadays. Many startups have already discovered the advantages of being able to work from a remote location while still maintaining a centralised location. Thanks to a virtual office, you can have a postal address, along with letter opening and phone answering services, which makes them quite convenient. Add that to the fact you also have access to meeting rooms in London and you see why it is something you may to consider.

Following all of these tips is surely a way to get yourself a new office that doesn’t hit your budget like a freight train. It is up to you take advantage of them.

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