How to create a comfortable home office in a small space?

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How to create a comfortable home office in a small space?

Working from has become quite the norm these days. The global pandemic has definitely shifted the paradigm around and made home office a desirable and needed pursuit for many. It is very likely this trend will continue in the future and people will spend more time working from home than working from their office.

One of the major challenges during this switch is for people with small homes, who find it difficult to use the extra room for a home office. However, even in such cases, it is possible to incorporate a home office in your home, which will be both comfortable and practical. Here are a few ideas for you to embrace:

The Cloffice

You may be wonder what a cloffice is. It is a simple concept, which means a space that is both a closet and a home office. At first you may think that working in a closet is not particularly enticing and the very thought of it might make you a bit claustrophobic. But the reality is that if you have a built-in closet, you can easily turn it into a nice workspace for yourself. It doesn’t even need to be super expensive. All you need is a number of wooden shelves and that is it. Besides, there is the advantage of being able to hide the office space when you are done working, assuming the closet has a door. Otherwise, you can go with a curtain or a sliding that you can just shut when you are not using the place.

Home office in a small space

A sleek cloffice needs nothing more than a few wall-to-wall planks to serve as your desk and shelves for some documents or other things you need in your work and for general storage. If the closet is small, you can consider adding a fold-out desk, in order to create more workspace in the cloffice. And if you want to make your cloffice more visually appealing, you can add removable wallpaper.

Make better use of awkward spaces in your home

Do you have stairs with some awkward space underneath them? Or perhaps a part of your home with a slanted ceiling that you have been avoiding so far. Well, you can use that space to make some home office spot for yourself. What you will need is custom-made shelves and storage solutions that will make the most of every inch of the awkward space. This is particularly helpful for areas with slanted ceilings, which is a space that you would otherwise find inconvenient to use. Remember that it would be nearly to improvise with such spaces and that you would need specialised solutions for them. However, it is really nice to have them used for something, compared to just keeping the space like that.

Dividing bookshelves

You don’t need to put bookshelves against the wall at all times. Sometimes you can use them as a dividing wall, and keep a small home office space separate from the rest of the room. The goal is to add some privacy, some out-of-view area that is not immediately evident and some comfort while you are working. A benefit to having a bookshelf as a dividing wall is that you also get plenty of storage space for your home office needs. There are plenty of book shelf systems you can get from stores, or have one built for your specific needs. If you have a little more time on yourself, you can even try to build one yourself.

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