How to find the perfect office space to rent in Mayfair [Ultimate Guide]

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How to find the perfect office space to rent in Mayfair [Ultimate Guide]

Mayfair, the opulent hot spot nestled in the City of Westminster, just between Regent Street, Oxford Street, Park Lane and Piccadilly. 

This prime location makes Mayfair one of the most expensive areas not only in London but worldwide, with top hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, it’s the ideal spot for many businesses. 

The postal code itself makes Mayfair instantly attractive and can even command respect. There are some great serviced offices and conventional offices to choose from, making it a top pick for companies, with two great parks to take a stroll in and lots of great lunch spots, Mayfair is among the best areas to have an office in.

If your business has recently experienced a period of growth, this can be a very exciting time – and it is also time to look for a new office space! If you have been working out of your home or a co-working space, you may be wondering how to find office space in Mayfair. We have put together this handy guide to help you find the perfect office space to rent in Mayfair, no matter what your requirements are. Read on to find out more.

Work with known companies and landlords

When you are leasing an office space, it can feel overwhelming, especially in a fast-paced market like Mayfair. However, try to ask people you trust in the business world to see if anyone has recommendations. Companies who can help you find the right property should ideally be recommended by someone you know, or have a proven track record of helping companies find office spaces. Likewise, check to see if you can find out anything about the company or landlord who takes care of the building itself, as being stuck in a bad professional relationship can be a nightmare, especially if issues with the building crop up. Word of mouth recommendations are best, but if all else fails, online reviews can also be informative.

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Discuss the space with your employees

It is important to get what you, as the owner of a business, need from a new office space. However, it is just as vital to know that your employees will be happy with your choice. Even within a small part of London such as Mayfair, there are diverse kinds of office space available, in different locations. Discuss with your employees what is important to them in an office space and where in Mayfair would be most convenient for them. This will help everyone to settle in more happily.

Think about transport options

Related to this, while there are no London Underground stations inside the boundaries of Mayfair itself, there is still plenty of public transportation around. It is bordered by Underground stations, which may impact where you would like your office space to be. For example, the northern part of Mayfair is near to the Central Line stations of Bond Street and Oxford Circus. If your staff mainly use the Piccadilly Line, you will find this at the southern edge of Mayfair, with stations such as Piccadilly Circus being easily accessible. Hyde Park Corner is also fairly close by.

Consider space

One of the most important things to factor in is that Mayfair is a fairly wealthy and therefore pricey postcode. Depending on your finances and the amount of space you need will dictate where in Mayfair you choose to find your office space. Nowadays, hybrid working is more popular than ever, meaning some of your staff may be working from home either part-time or full-time, so you may not need as much office space as you think. Remember to also think about whether you will want or need breakout spaces and other shared places, as well as how many desk spaces you will require.

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Be prepared to negotiate

While Mayfair rents may be on the higher side, you should know that you can always negotiate. While rents may be advertised at a certain price, if it is an office space you feel passionately about, it is always worth having an open and frank discussion. Depending on how the market is at that time (in favour of renters or landlords), you may be able to save some money where you least expect it. And the worst thing that might happen is that the answer is no – so there is really no risk.

There are several factors you might want to consider when looking for that ideal office space to rent in Mayfair, whether you’re more interested about the size of the space or its exact location. 

Keeping all of these tips in mind should make it much easier to find a space that suits you and your employees. 

If you would like more comprehensive and bespoke support in finding your perfect office in Mayfair, get in touch with Occupa to see how we can help you.

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