The questions you should ask before getting a new office space London

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The questions you should ask before getting a new office space London

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Are you preparing to move your office to a new location? Have you been aiming to develop your company? You might have realised that searching for a different Office Space London can be quite a task. The decision you make will have major repercussions later on. For example, if you choose a building in the wrong location, you might lose customers and employees. Make the final decision based on the long term plans for your business. Nearly all property owners want long term lease contracts, for instance 3-5 years. Below are a few significant considerations to make prior to deciding on a new space for your office.

Is there space for your company to expand?

While you’re deciding on a location for your business, do not be tempted to make a choice based on the current circumstances. Although, according to the kind of contract you sign, you have to consider if the company has room to expand. If you do not have enough funds to get the additional space, you have to look into signing a shorter lease.

Do customers and staff have easy accessibility to the location?

Employees may be disappointed if they need to take a long commute to get to work each day and in the end they might look for work somewhere else. So, you should consider where your staff are located before searching for a new office location.

The same situation is applicable to customers. If you would like your business to continue showing good results and achieving revenue, you definitely need your clients to have quick access to your office. Therefore, considering a hidden location or one that is too far away might make it inconvenient for clients to locate you. Remember, regardless of whether the majority of your business is carried out online, often face to face meetings are vital.

Does the location present your business in a good light?

To save up on cash or rent, most businesses usually will choose poorer areas. This is absolutely wrong and you could unintentionally lose customers due to these locations. For this reason, when browsing for an amazing place for your business, make sure it is attracting and welcoming to clients. The office must be identical with your company values.

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