Top Three Reasons to Use Acquisition Agents in London

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Top Three Reasons to Use Acquisition Agents in London

One of the busiest and most important global cities, London stands at the very forefront of international business. Brimming with activity, and rated as the world’s most desirable, influential and investment-friendly location, the UK’s capital is a prime target for business owners from all over the globe. Aspiring entrepreneurs and established corporations alike see setting up shop in London as a badge of honour and a symbol of prestige. Naturally, this popularity comes at a cost, and when looking at the developments in the real estate market, over the last few decades, one can quickly see the correlation.

This has incentivised landlords to focus on mixed-use (commercial/residential) buildings, in order to provide a broader array of options to tenants. And, when coupled with the rise of the current “freelancer economy”, the situation is no longer as grim as it once seemed. Still, finding the optimal location for your London office can be quite tricky.

But if you’ve decided to set up your business office in London, don’t despair – there are plenty of affordable, yet prestigious locations to pick from. Provided you know where to look, of course. For the uninitiated in the fine art of office acquisitions, finding a good location for your business headquarters can be quite the challenge. And this is precisely why so many people turn to acquisition agents in London.


Research has shown that, without proper representation, tenants can spend weeks, or sometimes – even months, before finding suitable office space. Even then, they are likely to “settle” for the lesser option, in hopes of “just getting it over with”.

Without the proper connections and in-depth knowledge of the area, the search can take dozens of hours. Hours that you, as a professional business leader, have much better ways to spend. Instead of focusing on what really matters, namely – running your business, you are wasting precious time and energy in search of a building to conduct it in.

A professional acquisition agent, on the other hand, has no such issues. This is precisely their area of expertise, their business. Hiring acquisition agents in London allows you to leverage the contacts, knowledge and expertise that they’ve built over many years of helping business owners, such as yourself. They will be able to quickly and easily find a number of suitable office spaces for your business, arrange viewings, negotiate the terms and offer professional advice.

Top Three Reasons to Use Acquisition Agents in London

Professionals Work with Professionals

Not only is looking for office space on your own an inefficient use of your time, but it can also end up a lot more expensive than working with acquisition agents in London.

Think about it for a second – if you were to go to court, would you do so without hiring a solicitor? Or would you rather enjoy the benefits of professional representation? The same can be applied to just about any situation, related to negotiation.

And while an experienced business leader is usually going to have many successful negations under their belt, they’re also highly unlikely to be related to tenancy.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that an increasingly large number of landlords in London choose to benefit from landlord agencies, and for a good reason. Acquisition agents in London will leverage their abilities to secure a better deal for their partner. And, naturally, their expertise in the matter is likely to trump that of the average business owner.

The simple fact of the matter is that professionals work with professionals. Landlord agencies would much rather deal with professional tenant agents than negotiate directly with a tenant. This allows both parties to relax in the knowledge that the entire process is dealt with professionally, by partners equal in understanding and expertise.

Acquisition Agents in London

Efficiency in getting acquisition agents in London

The effectiveness of a professional’s touch is not something to underestimate, especially when it comes to office space an area as desirable as London. An unfavourable deal can quickly end in disaster for your business and is therefore not something to be taken lightly.

To the uninitiated, it might seem as if landlord agents would rather work directly with potential tenants. That would, after all, allow them to easily tip the scales in their client’s favour, right? Not exactly. Most prospective tenants lack not only the knowledge to conduct proper negotiations in the field, but also the foresight and expertise required to deliver all of their demands upfront. Inexperienced tenants have the tendency of coming up with new demands over the course of a negotiation, making the entire process all the more tedious for both parties involved. More often than not, this leads to unrepresented deals falling out of bed during the lease negotiation period.

A professional acquisition agent, on the other hand, will not only be entirely familiar with the intricacies of the situation but also have all tricks of the trade at his disposal. They will be able to safeguard your interests and safely negotiate a lucrative deal for your business.

Occupa Commercial Property Consultants is a leading provider in the field of office acquisition for London businesses. Backed up by over 10 years of experience, our professional acquisition agents in London can aid you in choosing the optimal location, negotiating a lucrative deal and offer advice on any matters, related to real estate. Should you have any questions about our services, or you’d like to benefit from a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7100 7500 or send us an email at We are always happy to help!

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